Friday, August 27, 2010

The Death of Youth?

I finally return from my blogging slumber...for what? To purge the feelings associated with a 'landmark' birthday? I turn 30 today, and, like watching your car's odometer flop over to 100,000 miles, I can't help but wonder how much this puppy's got left in her...

I don't want to be too melodramatic, but...geez I feel old. It seems like your 20s are the best time in life since it's the only decade we desire. In your teens, you can't wait to get into your 20s. As you approach 30, you claw and struggle to hang on to every last moment. But..inevitably, irrevocably, we are violently ripped out of youth into the gaping maw of aches, pains, drooling, memory loss, and, finally, rigor mortis....

Nope..too grim. I'm already over it.

Let's see what you got 30s!

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