Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who is Secretary of State?

Hillary Clinton is. She made damn sure we all know that one. Whatever else can be said about her, Hillary Clinton remains one of the more interesting public figures.

While in Africa the other day, Mrs. Clinton got a little feisty with a questioner who she thought was asking her what her husband thought about a situation. Even though the translation turned out to be wrong, it's interesting that she got so fired up about the suggestion that the former president's opinion should be a factor in her thinking.

I suppose Hillary Clinton is in a very difficult marriage...perhaps a record-setting amount of difficulty. She has endured a lot of crap with poise and dignity for a lot of years, and I guess my first instinct is to cut her some slack.

She will, of course, be mocked and gawked at for her response to the question. I think that's unfortunate. Many people look at Hillary Clinton and see a shrill, overly ambitious, deadly liberal, cold-hearted devil-woman(perhaps I'm overstating the point). I see a confident, capable, patriotic woman with a lot of misfortune trying to do the best she can for her country. I think the African press conference incident gave us a little insight into the humanity of Hillary Clinton. Let's give her a break.

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