Thursday, August 6, 2009

Justice League

Congratulations, Justice Sotomayor. You're the first Hispanic Justice of the Supreme Court.

Americans really like firsts. First African-American president. First Hispanic Supreme Court justice. First non-steroid-imbued baseball player to hit x home runs. I suppose we pay attention to all these firsts because the various news media outlets cover them so passionately. That begs the question, though: do we care about the first whoever to do whatever because CNN, for example, covers it? Or does CNN cover it because they know we'll eat it up like so much first bacon cheeseburger under 1000mg of sodium?

It's nice that this intelligent woman gets to be the first Hispanic to sit on the federal bench, but I'm less gratified by her Hispanic-ness than I am by the possibility of her bringing wisdom and insight to the most important court in the country.

Conservative PACs are undoubtedly unnerved by Judge Sotomayor's confirmation. They probably feel that this confirmation is just the latest abomination brought on by the massive swarm of liberal locusts that is currently marauding around the country. Obama. Clinton. Biden. Clinton. Abortion. Clinton. Sotomayor. It may be too much to handle. Maybe the worst part of partisan politics is the inter-power teeth-grinding years that a party has to deal with until they're given another shot at the tiller. No words of consolation can possibly assuage the fear and restlessness that accompany being the minority party. Sorry, GOP, you'll just have to wait this one out.

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