Friday, May 1, 2009

Bear Down, Chicago Bears

I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks of giving birth when I hear that fight song. This time around it might be more true than even I realized, because clearly the Bears are poised to give birth to a championship season in 2009.

Perhaps I'm being outrageously optimistic. For those who would cast aspersions forthwith, I'd ask them to consider the following:

This is Jarron Gilbert. He's one of the Bears' recent draft picks. Although the ability to jump out of a pool in this fashion doesn't necessarily indicate future football greatness, it certainly gives Rexton-weary Bears fans something to "Oooo!" about. That's something we haven't had in...

So let the record show: I feel optimistic about Chicago's chances in the NFC North this season. This feeling is obviously intangible, but not all such feelings are silliness. Isn't it just possible that Chicago could give her people a new President AND a new Champion all in the same year? Yes, I think so.

(Oh yeah...they also have that new quarterback. Maybe he won't suck too bad.)

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