Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's wrong, Kim Jong?

It should be distressing that North Korea is preparing to launch a test missile in defiance of international opinion; it is a test missile, of course, whose chief purpose is to allow North Korea the ability to deliver a nuclear warhead to distant shores.

This is indeed disturbing, especially since Kim Jong Il is, by far, my favorite despot. :) Come on! He's got style, class, and a whole lot of starving people. What I love most is the pseudo-Orwellian denial of reality. He's big brother incarnate! (OK, so were Hitler and Stalin, but this guy definitely has better shades.)

As I said, it should be distressing...and, I admit, I'm marginally distressed. On the other hand, I think it's important to remain light-hearted, even when a maniacal adversary is threatening to blow you up. In that spirit, then, I recommend this hilarious video I found on youtube. Additionally, I offer my micro-collection of Kim Jong Il haikus:

Kim Jong, what is wrong?
Cult of personality
not enough for you?

What's on your iPod,
Ill-Kim? Turn down the volume
Before you get hurt.

Back in the saddle
Kim Jong-il, we love your style
Show them who's daddy

City on a hill
Pyongyang puts Paris to shame
Yay for concrete bling

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