Thursday, March 26, 2009


Language is a funny thing. There are certainly rules to be followed, but I also sense a great deal of freedom in the formulation of words and sentences. I feel, for instance, that I should be able to add the prefix 'dis' to any verb I wish. I would say things like: I'm disenamored with such and such. I used to enjoy The Jetsons, but now I'm disintrigued by it. So and so said yada yada, and now they're really diswelcome in my house. That would be grand.

I suppose part of the reason this is on my mind is because I just got back from 9 days in Europe...4 of which were in Paris. I had to reach deep down into my memory and pluck some distant and malformed ability to speak French. I remember thinking that it was mildly miraculous that I was able to force myself to adapt to a default pardon in French instead of the English 'sorry' when bumping into someone, for instance, on a crowded sidewalk. This became so much my default, in fact, that I actually said pardon(with the fruity accent, of course) to customers at work today as I passed by. Silly language.

I probably should have jotted some thoughts down on paper whilst gallivanting around Europe the past week and a half. Sadly, though, I'm goofy and I didn't do that. So now I'll just have to reach again into my memory and find out if I'll be able to experience delayed catharsis here on the blog. More to come.

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